Sunday FaithWorx

Last updated on 9 April 2023

Small Group Adult Faith Formation

  • In the Parish House Ministry Room
  • Every Sunday Night between 6pm and 7.30pm (after 5pm Mass)

What is FaithWorx?

FaithWorx is a regular, dynamic meeting space and time during which we can participate in faith formation and development activities, and share our thoughts and experience with other people in our community. It provides an opportunity for new and existing parish members to make contact with groups and join in the life of the Parish.

The Name Explained –

FaithWorx is both a description of the activity of the group – a faith workshop – and also a statement on the effect of our belief in Jesus in our daily life – Faith Works!

The Colours Explained –

Blue represents the sky and green represents the land created for us by God and over which He gave us dominion and responsibility. The red of the cross reminds us of the blood that Jesus shed for us and the yellow halo on the cross represents the resurrection and the promise of new life.

The Symbols Explained –

The capital “F” stands for Fish and represents us as the bounty of the Catholic church as well as the earliest and oldest symbols of the Christian faithful. The capital letter “X” (chi) is an abbreviation for the title of Christ in Greek (Χριστός). The cross in the centre reminds us of Christ’s crucifixion for our sins and the reconciliation between God and His people. The highlight of the FX and the start and end of the symbol phonetically indicates the “effects” of our Christian faith for us and in our world.

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