Penance (Reconciliation)

Last updated on 5 April 2024

Reconciliation is officially called the Sacrament of Penance. In the past, it was also called Confession.
These titles suggest aspects of the meaning of the Sacrament.

During this sacrament, a Catholic confesses their sins to a priest in the spirit of true repentance and receives forgiveness. The priest acts as a visible representative of Christ, who forgives sins through Him, when he says the words of absolution: “I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

There are three forms of the celebration of penance.

Reconciliation for Individual Penitents (Rite I):
This form is celebrated by an individual person in the presence of the priest. The place where this happens is usually a Reconciliation Room or “Confessional”. A bible, a crucifix and candle are placed on a table in the centre of the space. The penitent may choose to sit facing the priest or to sit behind a screen and remain anonymous. The Rite begins with a greeting, followed by words of encouragement from the priest. After a short reading from scripture, the penitent reflects on their circumstances and confesses their sins and seeks reconciliation. The priest offers advice and gives a penance that is meant to help in starting a new life and to remedy any weakness. The priest pronounces absolution and the rite concludes with a short thanksgiving.

Reconciliation for Several Penitents with individual confession and absolution (Rite II):
This form of the Rite begins with a celebration of the Word such as readings from scripture, hymns, prayers, a homily and an examination of conscience, followed by a call to repentance. Private confession and reconciliation follow. The Rite concludes with a short thanksgiving, and a blessing and dismissal of the gathered assembly.

Reconciliation for Several Penitents with general confession and absolution (Rite III):
This form of the Rite follows the same pattern as Rite II, but does not include individual confession and reconciliation. It includes a communal prayer of confession and general absolution. The use of this form is restricted to emergencies and other special circumstances.

@St John’s

The Sacrament of Penance is available every Saturday from 11am to 12pm (Rite I).
Additional times are available before Easter and Christmas.
You can also ask a priest for Penance after Mass, or call the parish office to make an appointment.
Many people come each week to receive the mercy of the Lord, so please assist by coming early.
The Mercy Rooms are located at the back of the church – on the left and right when you come in through the main entrance.
The one on the right is most commonly used.

@St John’s, the preparation for children in Year 2 (and older) is during Term 4

Parent Information Night – 5:30pm Tuesday 23 October 2024 in the Church
Other dates are listed on the document below.

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